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The Coca-Cola Company // @KO Worldwide Intranet

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Client / Project
The Coca-Cola Company / @KO Worldwide Intranet Launch

Art Director / Designer

Chaz's Responsibilities
Conceptualization, Branding, Design, Quality Assurance, Presentation, Intranet Maintenance and updates

About the Project
Chaz designed the print and branding for The Coca-Cola Company's new worldwide intranet launch and assisted with updates and maintenance to the intranet long after its launch. Designed by Chaz were banners 96" tall suspended in Coca-Cola's corporate offices, workstation welcome screens that appeared on all employees computers at login, screen savers, landing pages, and kiosk displays.

It was Chaz's intention to make even the print pieces have an obvious association to the interactive. In addition to the interactive design elements employed, friendly iconography was subtly included in the background to welcome and invite users, who were accustomed to the legacy version, to the new intranet.

In addition to the branding and launch materials Chaz designed, he provided daily design maintenance, creating landing pages and sub-sections for the intranet. Chaz also worked onsite with Coca-Cola to redesign their employee search interface, making a tool the employees found very necessary in such a large, international organization, significantly more usable and elegant.

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